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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  May 2, 2015 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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good morning, america. breaking news, royal arrival, it's a girl. princess kate giving birth, prince william by her side. all the details right now. prince george now a big brother. the world anxiously awaiting its first glimpse of the new princess, fourth in line to the throne. our team is live in london with the very latest this morning. new overnight, facing charges, baltimore's prosecutor going after six cops for the death of freddie gray. >> the manner of death deemed a homicide. >> the celebrations overnight, but will these charges stick? our legal analyst weighing in this morning. jenner lawsuit, just one week after telling the world he's transitioning into a woman -- >> i'm me, i'm a person and this is who i am. >> the former olympian sued for
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this fatal crash on a malibu highway. why he's being blamed for a woman's death. fight of the century. it's a sin city showdown. mayweather versus pacquiao. weighing in before tonight's big bout in vegas. >> 145 pounds! >> 146 pounds! >> celebrities shelling out the big bucks for ringside seats. we're live in vegas for this epic fight. hey, good morning, everybody. we're going to start here of course with the breaking baby news. there it is. a live shot of the lindo wing of st. mary's hospital in london where just hours ago princess kate gave birth. >> and in keeping with tradition, the announcement was placed outside. saying, "her royal highness the
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duchess of cambridge was safely delivered of a daughter at 8:34. and then there was this, the baby weighs 8 pounds, three ounces. the duke was present for the let's go to bob woodruff who's outside of the hospital. >> reporter: good morning. we're right out here in the street. the family was also notified when this happened. i can only assume it was not by twitter or e-mail but by regular old phone calls to the queen and the other members of the family. i should also tell you that this place has been surrounded by hundreds of journalists and crews here waiting for this to happen. you can see there have been police guarding the street, walking up and down for days, out of concerns for security. i should tell you that there's been so much speculation about what's the gender going to be about this baby, but now we know. it's a girl. prince william and princess kate welcoming an 8 pound 3 ounce
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girl born at 8:34 london time this morning. mother and daughter are doing well, prince william is by their side. the the whole world royally excited about prince george's baby sister. kate admitted to the hospital at 6:00 a.m. this morning london time, finally in labor, a week past her due date. last time around kate gave birth after nearly ten hours of labor. the palace made the announcement on an easel at buckingham palace and via twitter and e-mail. this child would be fourth in line to the throne regardless of gender, bumping prince harry down to fifth. we all remember that day nearly two years ago when we first set eyes on prince george. >> he's got a good pair of lungs on him, that's for sure. he's a big boy, quite heavy. he's got her looks thankfully. >> very emotional. it's such a special time. i think any parent probably sort of knows what this feeling feels like. >> very special. >> reporter: no word on whether prince george will make an appearance at the lindo wing where kate is giving birth, but if history is an indication, his
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father visited princess diana and a newborn harry more than 30 years ago. prince william and kate will return to kensington palace for a few days before heading to their country home anmer hall, with prince george in tow. william has taken leave from his air ambulance job to spend time with his family. kate is expected to take a longer maternity leave than last time. now, the next big piece of news we're waiting for is what's going to be the name of this adorable little girl. we don't know that yet but certainly a lot of people are speculating again what's going to happen and certainly the country is very excited and very happy that this is a little girl. of course kate and william already have a son and now they got a little girl as well. paula? >> one of each. bob, thank you so much. we'll join you later in the show. can i say that dan and i showed up to work calling the gender and dan went with a boy. >> as usual i was wrong.
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>> i said a girl. >> now they can stop. they have one of each. >> that's right. i don't know if they'll stop but to be continued. let's bring in someone who covers the royal family. victoria murphy, the royal reporter, just outside the lindo wing right now. victoria, it is a girl. isn't this what the british and royal watchers everywhere were hoping for? >> reporter: good morning, it's a girl, how exciting. very quickly, kate was admitted at 6:00 a.m. the baby was born at just half past 8:00 this morning. yes, it is what the british public were hoping for. we were looking forward to a little girl. we have a prince, now we have a princess. now we can all start talking about what he's wearing. >> of course. george always looks adorable but can you give us a sense of the royal traditions that are going to take place over the next few weeks and how they might be different this time around since it is a girl? >> reporter: i think what's
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interesting here is that even though this baby is a girl, actually there will be nothing different if she had been a boy and that's very important. the royal law of success was changed so that if kate and william go on to have another baby boy, he will not leapflog his older sister in the line of success. she is fourth in line to the throne and she is going to remain fourth in line to the throne regardless of what happens now. >> let's talk about mom. we know kate was overdue. she had previously mentioned the baby was due mid-to-late april. any idea how she was spending her last few days? >> reporter: kate was overdue. we know all about the fact she was overdue. we have been waiting here for a long time. we hoped the baby might be born last weekend but here we are in may and she's finally been born. i think the last week or so has probably been quite tough for kate. we know she's been swimming a couple of times in the buckingham palace swimming pool but i think she will have been playing the waiting game like all of us hoping that the royal baby would make her arrival and she finally has. >> victoria, you have a possible matriarch in the making with this little girl.
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victoria murphy, thank you for joining us from london this morning. dan? >> thank you, paula. from the hospital we go over to buckingham palace where the crowds are starting to gather for a royal tradition, a key element of the postpartum pageantry and terry moran is right there. good morning, terry. >> reporter: good morning, dan. it's a splendid and happy day at the buckingham palace. they've got a new baby. every baby is a royal baby. of course this one has a claim to the title. as you see behind me, the crowds have gathered, probably tourists outnumbering british people there but everyone in a wonderful mood. they've placed the formal notification of the birth on the easel in the forecourt of the palace back there. this is a tradition dating back to 1837, this little girl born into a mountain of tradition, a family that serves an important purpose and this little girl will join that purpose, holding this country together. unlike her parents, it's a moment when britain is debating how together it should be,
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scotland deciding that they should stay in the union for now. the royal family, this little girl, a big responsibility on her hands, that's in the years to come. right now a very happy and sunny scene at buckingham palace. >> terry, thank you. >> we want to bring in sara. you were there for the better part of two weeks, sara. i know you just missed it by a couple of hours. can you give us a sense of what it was like waiting? all anticipation. >> there was a big buildup and about the time they extended the parking restrictions, everyone including some of the press that were at the hospital, kind of bailed and you started seeing twitter blow up with this is what day 12 looks like. so people really thought now that it was probably going to come in a few days. and then i land and right about the time my head went on my pillow in brooklyn, kate is having a baby. >> there was all this talk about the things she needed to do to bring the baby on like bounce on balls or go swimming but actually you just needed to leave. >> you're welcome, kate. >> we're so glad to have you
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back. you did a phenomenal job covering and i know you called a girl so of course you were also right and dan was still wrong. >> still wearing his blue tie. >> i'm sticking by my pick. welcome back, we missed you. we're going to switch gears. back here at home there are some celebrations with an entirely different tone and tenor this morning. people in baltimore cheering the decision to charge six officers in the case of freddie gray who died, as we all know, after being in police custody. at the center of the story this morning, that 35-year-old prosecutor, marilyn mosby, only four months into the job who stepped to the mic on friday to announce felony charges. let's go now to abc's jim avila who has been covering this story from the jump. jim, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, dan. those six officers were processed at the city jail overnight, their mug shots taken, but now they're free on bail. freddie gray was arrested after making eye contact with baltimore police three weeks ago. but now it's these six cops
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charged with actual crimes. gray, vindicated by marilyn mosby, the state's attorney, who says he didn't break the law, and the police who arrested him committed manslaughter, even murder. >> the manner of death deemed a homicide is believed to be the result of a fatal injury that occurred while mr. gray was unrestrained by a seatbelt in the custody of the baltimore police department wagon. >> reporter: a shocking and quick conclusion by baltimore's lead prosecutor who told me it was a decision based on facts and not community pressure. >> my job as a prosecutor is to follow and uphold the law. that means equally applying justice to those with or without a badge. >> reporter: but the police union was quick to call her biased and asked for a special prosecutor. >> we believe that the actions taken today by the state's attorney are an egregious rush to judgment. >> reporter: mosby refusing calls to recuse herself and denying any anti-police bias. >> i come from five generations
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of law enforcement. >> reporter: the protests overnight took on a more celebratory tone and were peaceful. freddie gray's family saying they were satisfied with the decision and urging calm. >> let us have peace in the pursuit of justice. >> reporter: the state's attorney telling me she hopes her actions will help bridge the gap between police and community nationwide. >> so many people feel as if they've been voiceless for so long. let's start to restore that trust in the criminal justice process. >> reporter: the attorney for those police officers say they are not guilty. they will appear in court next may 27th. as for the curfew, it continues at least through the weekend. dan? >> jim avila, thank you. for more on this let's bring in our chief legal analyst, dan abrams. dan, good morning. what are the odds these charges will stick and the rookie prosecutor will be able to bring home some convictions? >> i think some of the lesser convictions will likely stick in
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certain cases, but i think that some of the more serious charges, most of the more serious charges, it's going to be really tough to get convictions on a lot of these charges. i think it is fair to say that this prosecutor, as a legal matter, has overreached. think about it, two officers here are charged with manslaughter who come on the scene later and don't do enough, according to prosecutors. that may be wrong, but getting a jury to convict them of manslaughter for simply not helping enough is going to be very, very tough. so i think that once this case moves along, you're going to see either the charges reduced or in the end a jury simply not convicting on the more serious charges. >> you heard in jim's piece that the police union, they're accusing the prosecutor of a rush to judgment. they're saying she ought to recuse herself because she has conflicts of interest. how powerful is that going to be in a legal sense? >> i don't think the conflict of interest is going to be a serious claim here, but the rush to judgment is going to be at the heart of the defense, that
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is what the defense is going to be here, which is that not enough time was taken to allow the prosecutor to fairly and objectively evaluate the evidence. the defense is going to say, look, the reason they got charged was because of the riots. the reason they got charged was political. and that's going to be part of the defense here, but remember, you're going to be evaluating each of these officers separately. the allegations against each of them are totally different, so you're not going to be able to lump them in together and say did they collectively do something. each one of these officers is going to have a separate defense where they're going to say, wait a second, why am i being charged with x crime, in many cases manslaughter, and then going moment by moment what that officer did or didn't do. i think there are going to be some powerful defenses here. >> sounds like this young prosecutor has a tough road in front of her. dan abrams, we really appreciate it. thanks for your analysis this morning. >> let's turn it over to ron claiborne. it's proven to be a very busy morning.
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>> good morning to you, paula and dan. robert to you, good morning, everyone. we begin with mayday demonstrations from coast to coast taking a violent turn in in some places. marchers hurled wrenches and rocks at officers and hit police with sticks in seattle, washington on friday. police responded with pepper spray and flash-bang grenades. three officers were injured, two of them seriously. in california vandals smashed car windows and storefronts in a protest against police brutality. here in new york prosecutors stormed the guggenheim museum, angry over overseas labor practices by museum officials. a packed hawaiian airlines flight had to make an emergency landing soon off takeoff from maui. 224 passengers got off the aircraft using the plane's evacuation slides. the flight turned back because of an odor of fumes in the cabin. two people were injured coming down those slides. new jersey governor chris christie once a front-runner for the g.o.p. nomination faces new
7:15 am
political fallout after federal prosecutors charged three members of his inner circle in the bridge scandal. christie was in the implicated and has denied any involvement. a wild crash at the talladega superspeedway. number 98 spins out of control and gets t-boned. you see it there. it was driven by brad smith and then the car went careening out of control. crashing violently into the wall. he was conscious but airlifted to a hospital. no word on the extent of his injuries. finally, yankees slugger alex rodriguez slugging his way into the baseball history books but not without controversy. this being a-rod of course. he ripped his 660th career home run, a laser shot in the 8th inning against the boston red sox in fenway park. he ties willie mays in the all-time home run list. diehard sox fans -- any other kind, dan? >> no. >> they were not happy. booing a-rod when he came to bat. the home run could trigger a legal showdown between the
7:16 am
yankees and a-rod and the player's union. as part of his contract he's owed $6 million for reaching the milestone. the yankees say they will not pay him because of his use of performance-enhancing drugs. the new york post may sum it up best, check please. that was the game-winning home run. the yankees won. >> you only put it in because they were playing the red sox. >> a-rod and the yankees looking better than expected. we'll take it at this time. >> thanks, ron. actually, no thanks, ron. speaking of big money sports stories, we are hours away from the richest and most hyped boxing match ever happening tonight in vegas. >> they are calling it the fight of the century, and hollywood heavyweights will be ringside. pop star justin bieber will lead floyd mayweather into the ring to do battle with manny pacquiao. abc's t.j. holmes is there with more on the money and the mayhem. good morning, t.j. >> reporter: hey guys.
7:17 am
for all intents and purposes for the people here in las vegas right now this royal baby is only the second most important thing to happen on may 2nd, 2015. all they're concerned about is the fight. that's the number one issue for them. i know las vegas is the city that never really sleeps but at least took a nap last night because everyone wanted to rest up for tonight's big event because we are going to see an event like the world has never seen and quite possibly something we will never see again. 10,000 people showed up just to see them step on a scale. >> 145 pounds! >> 146 pounds! >> reporter: floyd money mayweather. and manny pac man pacquiao in their final staredown before the biggest richest fight in boxing history set for tonight. even the weigh-in was historic. so much interest that in an unprecedented move, fans had to pay to attend. >> have you ever seen one like this? >> it's amazing. >> reporter: overwhelmingly a
7:18 am
pro manny crowd at the weigh-in. rooting for a street kid from the philippines who has become one of boxing's most popular draws. a contrast to mayweather. sure he's pound-for-pound the best fighter in the world but he's somebody people love to hate addressing critics of his brash personality and willingness to flash his wealth with espn's stephen a. smith. >> i said i want this car. they said it's sold. i said did they give you the money yet? they said no. i said i'll give it to you now. >> reporter: the fight expected to generate up to $400 million in revenue by some estimates. mayweather and pacquiao could take home up to $200 million, the largest ever for an athlete. gamblers looking for a payday as well. >> the biggest bet we had on this fight came about three weeks ago, half a million dollars on manny pacquiao. >> reporter: we even ran into jamie foxx who will also be in the ring tonight to sing the national anthem. mayweather and pacquiao are bringing in hollywood and sports royalty. deniro, dicaprio, jordan, brady just to name a few.
7:19 am
>> a bit of good news for people hoping they can get into the tight. about 100,000 people came into tomorrow only about 17,000 got into the arena. we know that the ticket prices and prices for the hotel rooms have started to come back down maybe coming back down to earth. a lot of people thought it was hype and excitement. people paying $350,000 for floor seats, maybe some people coming into town to get a ticket possibly they can get their hands on one. >> they're not cheap. >> instead of 350 k, they're 150 k. thanks, t.j. >> it's a deal, paula. >> paula, you know a lot more about sports. is it considered good luck to have justin bieber walk you in? >> yes. >> it is? >> if you're a belieber. >> we'll find out tonight. >> justin bieber is a big boxing fan and he boxes as well. >> i'm sure that's the case, yes. speaking of welterweight champions, here's our welterweight weather champion. there he is.
7:20 am
>> he's a heavyweight. >> rocky marciano, the only undefeated heavyweight champion ever. so we'll see what happens. we'll see if mayweather can do that as a welterweight. going to be a great fight. i'm not sure anybody here is going to stay up for it but we might have to. it is a once in a lifetime deal. this cloud was taken at the denver airport, a wall cloud there, severe weather reported across the denver area just outside of town in brighton. this hail piled up so we had a lot of hail falling out of the skies. one funnel cloud reported. so just a little bit of thunderstorms. generally speaking we're looking at nice weather. this is a weak area of low pressure that will spin some showers across denver today. maybe some thunderstorms across parts of north dakota, south dakota. 84 in bismarck. elsewhere we're talking about comfortable weather, a spectacular saturday, especially east of the mississippi river. even got the bouncing beach ball out for the gulf states as temperatures in the water there are starting to warm up. speaking of warming up, phoenix at 100 degrees yesterday, about where they should be, but we're going to start to cool down. that does include las vegas.
7:21 am
94 degrees tonight. all the pools will be hopping. here's what's shaking locally i'm going for pacquiao. by the way, i'm no relation to rocky marciano, if you had seen me fight. you would confirm that. >> have you ever been in a fight? >> it didn't go well. >> for the other guy. >> exactly. thank you, ron. >> he's still plenty handsome. here's what's coming up on "gma," trouble for bruce jenner over that fatal car accident in which he was involved.
7:22 am
now there is a lawsuit. plus a closer look at prince william, the doting dad hands on with little george. now the new challenges of a second child, a little girl born just hours ago. and royal swag, i'm back from london bearing gifts for everyone to celebrate the new baby up ahead in pop news. >> i get the queen bobble head. >> no, you don't get that. i got you something.
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and you are looking at a live picture of the lindo wing at st. mary's hospital in london, and the media frenzy behind the cameras, folks, behind those cameras over baby number two. a little girl just arrived weighing 8 pounds, three ounces. take a look at this image, it spells out sister. it's a message of congratulations coming via twitter from the sailors on board the hms lancaster known as the queen's -- >> brigade? >> brigette. >> i didn't want to say it. >> another word for a boat. >> a lot of excitement this morning over baby number two. can i just say, kate, i've got a whole new respect for her. two kids, two babies both weighing over 8 pounds. >> and she's so little.
7:31 am
i know that has nothing to do with the size of the baby but i'm always like, please give me a little baby. >> speaking as a new dad, i know how exciting these early days are, although nobody got on a brigette and sent a congratulations note for us when we had our baby boy. but coming up we're going to have a closer look at prince william as a modern hands-on father, the role he's played in young george's life and will now most likely play in the life of the newly arrived baby sister. bruce jenner back in the news. >> just a week after telling the world he is a woman, the olympic gold medallist has been hit with a wrongful death lawsuit dating from a car crash back in february. aditi roy has the details. >> reporter: jenner making headlines of a very different kind this morning, the suit claims jenner and 50 other defendants were negligent, careless and reckless on the road, and alleges they are responsible for the victim's death.
7:32 am
overnight bruce jenner, along with 50 other unnamed defendants, hit with a wrongful death lawsuit stemming from a four-car collision which killed 69-year-old kim howe in february. >> we have seven patients including one doa. >> reporter: the suit is seeking unspecificed damages. >> i'm me, i'm a person, and this is who i am. >> reporter: when asked about the crash during the reality star's ground breaking interview with abc's diane sawyer, jenner said he couldn't comment but did give her a statement. >> he told abc about the tragedy, "i was devastated." >> reporter: in the lawsuit obtained by abc news, the siblings say they suffered enormous damages and losses, and allege neglect, careless and reckless behavior specifically citing california speeding law. officials say the former olympian's cadillac crashed into
7:33 am
the back of howe's car after a prius in front of howe's car slowed down. the impact possibly moving how's car into the path of an oncoming hummer which crashed head-on into howe's car. the attorney's writing abc news in a statement, her children feel an obligation to bring the truth to light and seek justice for miss howe. >> reporter: abc news reached out to a spokesman for jenner who declined comment. the hearing is not scheduled until the fall of 2016 to a long way to go. >> aditi, thank you. the story of chris kyle captivated audience in the hit movie "american sniper." his four tours of duty in iraq the battles and the profound personal struggles upon returning home. >> but there was another side to kyle, one that his wife taya is capturing in a new back, "american wife." in an abc news exclusivity with robin roberts, she talks about carrying on her husband's legacy and the two paid an emotional visit to the place where kyle
7:34 am
and a buddy were shot to death by a former marine they were trying to help. >> is it difficult coming back now? >> i don't know. once we get to the place that it all happened, i don't know how i'll feel. i haven't been back. i've only been there once. >> reporter: a journey with taya kyle back to her darkest days and her love story with her husband, "american sniper" chris kyle. we bump down the rustic road at the exclusive scenic rough creek lodge resort. >> as a way of comforting myself i thought at least maybe it was peaceful and he didn't see it coming. i guess you have to go to a beautiful place, i don't know. >> are you ready to do this? when you return here, it is hallowed ground? is it haunted ground? >> i don't know. it's something that's confusing. >> for him to lose his life in that manner, it has to just -- you must look to the heavens and go like, are you kidding me? >> yeah, right. >> he didn't have a chance. >> right.
7:35 am
i guess when i try to comfort myself i think if god had gone to chris and said, hey, if i can take your life, i'll inspire a lot of people, are you willing, i feel like he probably would have said yes, you know? >> she's such a beautiful and brave woman. taya kyle will be here live on "good morning america" on monday. let's take another look at the morning headlines with ron. good morning again. >> good morning to you, dan, paula, the whole roll call, robert and sara, welcome back. we begin with the royal arrival that sarah just missed. william and kate, the duchess of cambridge, safely delivering a baby girl. weighing 8 pounds, three ounces. the little princess is now fourth in line for the throne. cheering on the streets of baltimore after six police officers in the case of freddie gray are charged with a range of crimes including murder and manslaughter the 4r50ed prosecutor says gray's death while in police custody as a
7:36 am
homicide. fans gearing up for the 141st running of the kentucky derby. one colt named "it's a knockout" will be a galloping billboard for the pacquiao/mayweather fight also tonight. he's a favorite in that race. these 16 co-workers have 58 million reasons to smile. the lucky 16 biotech employees right here in new york state, manhattan, will split the jackpot. the group has forked over 4 bucks a week for the last five years in that lottery office pool. the payday came earlier this week. congratulations to them. loan me some money, please. >> we're all going to buy tickets. actually, you can just buy them for us. >> thank you for forcing that on me once again. >> and we share the earnings of course. >> absolutely. we take you to a live shot in new york city. spectacular day. here's the morning outlook. temps around 58 degrees. a bit chilly but that strong sunshine will get cranking and generally speaking we'll see a pattern change that will bring a more consistent
7:37 am
warm trend. area of high pressure slides to the east. we get a south flow and that will take temperatures into the 60s, 70s, maybe 80s by monday. new york d.c. and worcester, the snow finally melting. water temperatures in the gulf of mexico two, three degrees above where they should be. 81 in key west, 79 in miami beach. that's good to dip your toes in there. the spring warmth is going to continue. showers across that part of the jet stream. watching this area of low pressure which could turn into something sort of tropical. shouldn't affect us too badly. here's what's happening locally for you. >> this weather cast brought to
7:38 am
you by deluxe, the run for the roses today. >> what do you like? >> knockout, why not. my grandmother always said it's not spring until they run for the roses. >> i love your grandma. >> it wasn't until later we found out she had a gambling problem. >> and we're trusting him with our tickets? >> she was very good at the track. >> she was a great grandma nonetheless. coming up here on "gma," daddy duty, prince william's approach to fatherhood and the role he'll play for baby two. taylor swift making headlines, talking about her upcoming tour that starts next week, details ahead in pop news. starts next week, details ahead in pop news.
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more now on breaking news of the morning, the royal arrival of a brand new baby girl. if past is prologue, prince william will be deeply involved in the life of the family's new arrival as he has been with big brother prince george. >> daytonaing and involved dad. let's go back to abc's bob woodruff who is just outside the hospital. hi, bob. >> reporter: paula, this is pretty exciting stuff. what we do know is this is a girl and after they leave the hospital william and kate will be going to kensington palace for a while and back to their country side home. i don't know exactly what it
7:43 am
feels like inside that hospital room right now. we have children of our own, my wife and i, but i don't know exactly how the women feel but i do know how the fathers feel, that it's about the happiest moment in their lives and prince william has proven over and over already that he is a great, great father. he's been a doting dad since day one. >> he's got a good pair of lungs on him, that's for sure. >> reporter: with the world watching, prince william gears up for baby number two. >> william is a loving dad. we've seen him give prince george cuddles and kisses on the head. he's a hands-on dad, more so i think than any other generation of royal dads before him. >> reporter: prince william opening up about fatherhood in an interview just months after george's arrival, discussing that famous driveoff from the hospital, including the car seat fitted by a king to be. >> believe me, it wasn't my first time. i know there's been speculation about that. i had to practice, i really did. i was terrified he was going to fall off or the door wasn't
7:44 am
going to close properly. >> reporter: prince william telling reporters during his visit to the states that he's ready for another shock. >> last time i remember when george was born i forgot to actually say whether it was a boy or a girl. it was chaos. >> reporter: prince william has already shown that he's ready for the challenge. >> prince william is a big support to kate, and if george needs taking out, if she needs a little break at any time we know that he's quite happy to do that. and we also know that when george was very little, he gave him his bottle at night, something he'll probably do with his next baby as well. >> reporter: the big guess is what's going to be the name of this little girl. so there are gamblers around, the betters, and they're putting out the list of possibilities. here they are. victoria, charlotte, alice, elizabeth and diana. which one it will be, that's the big question. i think the one name that's not on that list is paula.
7:45 am
>> well, you know what, i only know two other paulas in my life. maybe daniella will be on the list or roberta. bob, thank you so much. >> not bob. >> thanks, bob. coming up on "good morning america," could this restaurant in "breaking bad" become a real thing? sara has all the details. can you give us a hint? >> nope. ♪ ♪ when you're living with diabetes steady is exciting. only glucerna has carbsteady clinically proven to help minimize blood sugar spikes. i'm a bull rider make it part of your daily diabetes plan. so you stay steady ahead. lowe's presents: how to plan for the future. happy valentine's day. happy birthday.
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maxx life! at t.j.maxx. (music) hey! let me help with that. oh, thank you! (music) introducing the one-and-only volkswagen golf sportwagen. the sportier utility vehicle. time for pop news with the freshly returned, just in time to miss the story, sara haines. >> just in time, the way we like it. we got to start with the royals because i just got back. it was called royal baby watch but i'm going to call it royal watch because there was no baby until after i left.
7:49 am
but i did come back with gifts for all of you. i got you face masks because they're fun and functional at the same time. i'm kate, guys. >> fantastic. >> but we got little onsies. >> paula got beckham. >> i always wanted to be this close to david beckham. >> he's kind of like a british royal. it's his birthday today. he turned 40. >> you said sarah wanted me to be the queen. >> we all know he's the biggest diva. ron got a jester hat. did you see the onsies and bib? we don't know if he'll fit into it because his nickname is moose. these are for babies actually his age. >> i have a large child or may or may not fit into this. >> i hope he likes this. i got myself a belt because i feel like everything on this set should be -- >> every time a bell rings an angel gets his wings. >> it wasn't that pure. that was the mandate. >> service bell. >> now on to taylor swift.
7:50 am
one of our own kind of royals. she has revealed what to expect from her 1989 world tour. she told extra that her new shows will be unlike any that her fans have seen before. she's apparently been calling a bunch of her famous friends to appear as surprise guests. i hope that present day boo calvin harris is one of them. i love seeing her with her boyfriends. someone we definitely know will be on stage is this guy, back-up dancer robert green. he's going viral right now with this video of the incredible moment he told his mom he landed the gig. >> i booked it. i booked a world tour. >> the sweetest love of a mother, the mom literally starts to cry. it's something worth watching. i was crying in my office before, the happiness and joy between them. taylor said she feels so lucky to perform alongside people who love it this much. that video is the sweetest -- the mom is historical, the more she cries, he cries. then i started crying. it was beautiful. you have to watch. if you're as big a fan as "breaking bad" as i am and ron,
7:51 am
grab yourself a paper bag. you're about to start hyperventilating. los pollos hermanos, the fried chicken shop from the show, could become a real restaurant. show creator vince gilligan got fans clucking when he revealed the news during a reddit ama session, saying a businessman approached sony wanting to make the dining spot a real franchise. he said he's getting behind the idea so we'll keep you updated on when it takes flight. i am so going there. can we do a live hit from there, ron? >> absolutely. >> pop and news yeah i'm for it. are you as excited as i am right now? >> we should negotiate the contracts. that will be awesome. great pop news. great to have you back. we missed you. we'll be right back with more "gma." keep it right here. you. we'll be right back with more "gma." keep it right here. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ come here, you. this mother's day, remember...
7:52 am
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>> reporter: we have breaking news now. we're told prince william is going to be coming back in a second. we were told all three were coming but it's just one and we're going to see him coming back any minute.
7:57 am
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live from the kgo tv broadcast center, this is "abc 7 news." >> the time is 8:00. glad to have you with us on this saturday morning, may 2nd. cooler temperatures for the start of the weekend. here's meteorologist with a first look at live doppler 7 hd. hi. >> hi, chris. it's a cloudy start here in the city. in the north bay, the peninsula. but across the bay, sunshine and that's where we start. from our east bay hills camera you're looking out towards mt. diablo where it will be a cooler afternoon. as much as ten degrees cooler. 54 degrees at the coast. that's the only warmer spot this


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